Title: LOVE THINK DRAW (play)
created on 08 Feb 12

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Comments on this picture (17):
1. indigo wrote:
 VERY good playback! I also like that little smiley face lower right hand side. :]
2. sandm wrote:
 great!! Cant make "hearts" by the keyboard, but Im sending an invisible one:)
3. Normal wrote:
 Cute! You really do "heart" ThinkDraw.
4. golehto wrote:
5. Normal wrote:
 Put your phone in your left hand and (closer to the head or not), look where your thumb points!
6. Burgandy wrote:
 Very cute!!! Brought a smile to my face:)
7. chelydra wrote:
8. Normal wrote:
 Of course it is ~ but look which side of your HAND it's on!
9. Normal wrote:
 Just one of those things you see after you hit "Submit!"
10. bluemoon wrote:
11. hjjr wrote:
12. clorophilla wrote:
 love the little bird flying by
13. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 Great PB Gair! Love the flying bird! :) P.s TD have fixed my PB so you can watch it now!! :)
14. porkyporks wrote:
15. DilCoura wrote:
 Arrasou no play!
16. bagel wrote:
 haha! like it!
17. riley8 wrote:
 Sorry.Can't play cause computer's messed up.NICE PIC.