Title: Sikrinerk, nipingmat.
created on 29 Dec 08

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. Luna wrote:
 Nice Shadows and composition!
2. lynnspotter wrote:
 North Alaska!?! It's beautiful!!
3. sheftali52 wrote:
4. qwer wrote:
 Clever. At first I shallowly thought of a scoop of vanilla, then I looked for object comparison.
5. Login wrote:
 Interesting picture.
6. Login wrote:
  ... forgive me but I don't understand it.
7. Login wrote:
 I think it's an igloo, but where is the winter sport?
8. Login wrote:
 Is it Ice-berg hopping?
9. KStanley wrote:
 How about winter camping.
10. drawer wrote:
 I like this picture it has a lot of bright colors
11. KStanley wrote:
 I quess I should explain that the title is Inuit for sunshine going down.
12. Patrick wrote:
13. Login wrote:
 The big TD breakdown has allowed my eyes to recover from VDU strain ... now I can see it as plain as the nose on my face. I like the shadows from the igloo and person. 'Glad I came back for another look.
14. Login wrote:
 Shame you're locked out of the igloo again ... did you forget your keys?

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