Title: ...He will not quench...
created on 26 Nov 11

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1. angy wrote:
 so good!
2. pollyesther wrote:
 ...Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things...
3. cleoelca wrote:
 really pretty
4. linmar wrote:
5. DilCoura wrote:
 Muito bom!
6. angy wrote:
 ..not at all!..love wants to SEE behind ...
7. artdillon wrote:
 love is all you need,beautifuly done.
8. Normal wrote:
 Indeed not.
9. debray wrote:
 Great job....
10. KJLavigne wrote:
 not to hide under a bush, let it shine...pretty.
11. sandm wrote:
 YES, you got it artdillon! And you find it INSIDE YOU, nowhere else. This is my alltime favourite pic in TD. It shows all what happend.
12. sandm wrote:
 It shows, what has been unimportant i.e. over 3 month hiding and wordplays and mystification and labyrinth and deceit. And it shows what is important. Its finally your sentence, artdillon.
13. sandm wrote:
 Thank you, artdillon for not answering my questions today. You cant loose me, because you never joined or touched me. Except the landscape-pics, there has been the first and only direct and honest contact. All what followed was a big bubble of really nast
14. sandm wrote:
 nasty lies. Whats possible, you could get yesterday a first glance. It took you such a long time, to get yourself ready for this.
15. sandm wrote:
 Now, Im in a state, where I no longer can do this work on the screen. And many thanks for your pic in the jap. garden. You know, that I had problem with the eyes, I have stated it more often. Its one of the reason why I had to change my work.
16. sandm wrote:
 LOVE: When Im loving you, thats a wonderful feeling for me, and what I did... you know it. But it is only the half part of it. I cant bring you into such a state. Thats YOURS. So it is for everyone.
17. sandm wrote:
 I can help you in quite a lot matters, and I did. I`d like to continue, but in the moment I dont know how I can do it.
18. sandm wrote:
 I brought myself in this extreme situation, because I thought we soon will reach a goal, and its worth to do it. So hopely you (we?) could reach a goal on the way.
19. sandm wrote:
 Christmas: Till now you could only give allusions? The play "coming near you" we wont play, but I could make free time.(never again 2 days concentrated, but some hours), so you wont be alone.
20. pollyesther wrote:
 ^ A misunderstanding?
21. suzze wrote: