Title: In my room
created on 28 Aug 11

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. bluemoon wrote:
 very artistic room
2. bluemoon wrote:
 it reminds me of vincent's
3. sandm wrote:
 nice room ... and pic ... and song :)
4. hjjr wrote:
 cool pic. . .
5. lesley_gene wrote:
 Love this kleinrock! Great attention to detail!!!
6. indigo wrote:
 That's what I thought also bluemoon! VERY good!
7. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Love those trendy chairs! And this is a great picture.
8. Login wrote:
 A nice room, with two comfortable chairs for when your pals come round.
9. Renee355 wrote:
 Incredible detail!!
10. funnygal22 wrote:
 cool room!
11. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Very well done and very cool room.
12. Burgandy wrote:
 nicely done!
13. nancylee wrote:
 Great song, nice room, the connection to Van Gogh is impossible to miss, but it is clearly your own.
14. Lizzi wrote:
 It looks very warm and welcoming.

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