Title: Howling in the Wind
created on 05 Jul 11

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. Artpenny wrote:
 I really like this picture. Do you like it? Post a comment and let me know. If you do like this picture then please have a look at my other art.
2. Amcha wrote:
 Yes I do like it!!
3. Artpenny wrote:
4. lesley_gene wrote:
 Very good!
5. Lizzi wrote:
 Great idea for a silhouette!
6. matthew wrote:
7. bluemoon wrote:
 very good!
8. 56rosie wrote:
 I LOVE Sillouhettes! You did a great job of this wolf!
9. Artpenny wrote:
 Thank you everyone, please keep commenting. :)
10. indigo wrote:
 VERY nice!
11. Artpenny wrote:
 Thanks indigo. ;- )
12. tiki244 wrote:
 nice job
13. Artpenny wrote:
 Thanks! :)
14. DilCoura wrote:
 Que boa ideia voce teve!!!!
15. Artpenny wrote:
16. NADIA wrote:
 It's great,I love it!
17. Artpenny wrote:
 Thanks, NADIA!
18. Artpenny wrote:
 Thank you for all your kind comments, Amcha, lesley gene, Lizzi, matthew, bluemoon, 56rosie, indigo, tiki244, NADIA E obrigado, DilCoura. Please keep commenting.

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