Title: Ent
created on 10 May 11

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1. indigo wrote:
 Absolutely AMAZING...I'm in awe! GREAT PB also.
2. clorophilla wrote:
 This should be a TEN!!
3. lesley_gene wrote:
 A Masterpiece! Brilliant!
4. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Outstanding and Wonderful!
5. Meander wrote:
 Don't be hasty. This is so wonderful!
6. DilCoura wrote:
 Trabalho dificil, parabens!!!
7. katpedro wrote:
 Lovely work
8. Lizzi wrote:
 I loved the ents, and this depiction is beyond rating. KUDOS!
9. mdawrcn wrote:
10. Willow wrote:
 Wow, this is amazing! And so is your gallery.
11. Arw65 wrote:
 Amazing as always!! I always love browsing your gallery:)
12. okeanos wrote:
13. stevedover1965 wrote:
14. mdawrcn wrote:
 Thank you for your so kind comment. How nice to hear.
15. five wrote:
 well done in gothic
16. marg wrote:
 stunning - brilliant !
17. hanging wrote:
 you've never failed to amaze me... bravo!
18. lesley_gene wrote:
 Congratulations on your top 5's! Wow!
19. Shanley wrote:
 great drawing!
20. lilmiss wrote:
 I am dumbfounded after watching the playback. I am moved by this piece. Felt like it was cleansing my soul of negative emotions watching it play out...kid you not!
21. lilmiss wrote:
 Your artwork kick started my creative flow! I was feeling dried up and I feel like its oozing now lol...sounds kinda gross but its not meant to be.
22. bluemoon wrote:
 You are so very creative!Happy Birthday!