Title: White-breasted Nuthatch
created on 14 Dec 08

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Comments on this picture (16):
1. Tim42 wrote:
 can't believe you made that in faces
2. autumn wrote:
 this is so good!
3. Abby wrote:
 Wow, great job man!
4. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Nancylee, you're so good at these birds! I want to request a Robin (my namesake, of course) Great art!
5. qwer wrote:
 Really really good. Nancylee, would you please do a chickadee? I love their rolly coaster movement. Great rendition.
6. nancylee wrote:
 Thanks, guys! Yes Tim42, using faces was part of the challenge. Anyway, bird requests gratefully accepted. I will do a robin and a chickadee. I know just what you mean about roller coaster movement, qwer.
7. marg wrote:
 this guy's just great, nancylee !
8. Babalu wrote:
 What a wonderful little bird out of the faces theme!
9. lynnspotter wrote:
 Isn't our quilt lovely!?! I hurriedly made a tumbling block square.
10. puzzler wrote:
 I recognised this as a nuthatch straightaway, even though we don't have the same species in england.
11. nancylee wrote:
 OOH can you show me the British one?
12. Login wrote:
 Easily recognisable as a nuthatch ... shape, colouring and the fact that it is coming face first down the tree.
13. puzzler wrote:
 I've attempted a british nuthatch just for you!
14. amynedd wrote:
 This reminds me of home. We used to feed these sunflower seeds from our hands :)
15. nancylee wrote:
 Oh, I would really like to do that amynedd!
16. Scrappy wrote:
 This is beautiful!