Title: Joe the Plumber ....... now~ The Painter
created on 23 Feb 11

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Comments on this picture (17):
1. ArtisZen wrote:
 Tue / Funday LOL!
2. katpedro wrote:
 Send him by me.
3. Burgandy wrote:
4. indigo wrote:
 :o!...good one!
5. matthew wrote:
 Oh no... Bad, Bad, Bad... ;)
6. Angela wrote:
 YUCK! :@
7. Angela wrote:
 These guys make my eyes hurt
8. Lizzi wrote:
 LOL, and when you really need him, he's a sight for sore eyes! You have his number!
9. DilCoura wrote:
 Muito engraçada essa figura,muito boa. :>
10. hanging wrote:
 Lol! This recall my bitter memory... But I don't want to describe it here...!
11. phlurb wrote:
 Very disturbing, but nice.
12. puccastar9 wrote:
 yucky yucky!! Is that poop I see? Nice touch! Good job! x[
13. ArtisZen wrote:
 I know... Sorry You all. It's just that ... that... well I had to call Joe and all day long ... you can imagine the rests Just need to rant a bit
14. ArtisZen wrote:
 i probably should delete this... OK soon... Tho it (the pic) is true what the say about plumbers... at least whenever I've called a Joe
15. maloo wrote:
 Wearing pants around one's knees is a BIG fashion here in the islands. I hadn't imagined this scenario butt?...
16. flowerapo wrote:
17. Burgandy wrote:
 Thanks for 1 yr. congrats! I had this guy in my house a couple of weeks back - as a plumber:) Good pic!