Title: Moonlight walk
created on 02 Feb 11

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Comments on this picture (37):
1. indigo wrote:
 Nicely done! The antlers are great!
2. golehto wrote:
 well done :)
3. polenta wrote:
4. mdawrcn wrote:
 Excellent, I love it.
5. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 This is wonderful!!
6. mekeys wrote:
 Very nicely done..The whole picture is great..
7. clorophilla wrote:
 A quiet sovereignty...
8. priya41 wrote:
9. Dragon wrote:
10. Normal wrote:
 Powerful beauty!
11. 56rosie wrote:
 WOW I love sillouhettes! Playback shows amount of work going into this beautiful picture. Well done!
12. Login wrote:
 Wow! A magnificent stag.
13. tarkio wrote:
 Oh my....this is AWESOME!!
14. Lizzi wrote:
 The stag at eve had drunk his fill... Beautiful!
15. Burgandy wrote:
 What a great set of Antlers!!
16. nancylee wrote:
 Beautiful! And so cleverly done.
17. DilCoura wrote:
 Parabens NADIA!!!!
18. KAJICA wrote:
 beautiful...prelepo ....:)))
19. hxxhxx wrote:
 wow!!! the silhouette is great, the musculature is great, everything is great!!
20. KJLavigne wrote:
 Absolutely beautiful.
21. marius wrote:
 Oh, very nice! Very!
22. tkeys wrote:
 Beautiful silhouette.
23. ANGELAotheracct wrote:
 Lovely & lots of work. Shows your patience & love.
24. mum23 wrote:
 Beautiful! Such grace and power in his stance, and the moon behind him is stunning too! Wonderful!
25. hjjr wrote:
26. coho wrote:
 Wow! this is great!
27. five wrote:
28. kernowman wrote:
 congrats on top five..
29. Burgandy wrote:
 Congratulations - well deserved!!!!!
30. maloo wrote:
 He is amazing! So proud and stately.
31. Asma wrote:
32. lesley_gene wrote:
33. madihenry wrote:
 This is beautiful i loovvee the playback!!!!!
34. mimilove68 wrote:
 mind if i do something like it
35. mimilove68 wrote:
 never mind it failed
36. kleinrock wrote:
 great moose would like 2 do one that good
37. Artpenny wrote:
 Very good. I love it! It's a bit like my picture "Howling in the Wind". Good job.