Title: Hmok Horse
created on 13 Jan 11

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Comments on this picture (28):
1. DilCoura wrote:
 Ficou muito legal!!!!!
2. bluemoon wrote:
 very good pic!
3. hjjr wrote:
 so beautiful. . .
4. clorophilla wrote:
 straight it goes into my favs!!
5. hanging wrote:
6. Lizzi wrote:
 So much power here! Wonderdul!
7. zum117 wrote:
 thank you very much
8. NADIA wrote:
 This is great!
9. mdawrcn wrote:
 Very good!
10. Lizzi wrote:
 I meant to say,,,wonderful.
11. zum117 wrote:
 Inspired by a painting by Egyptian artist Salma zayadh
12. Ilikecolor wrote:
13. Geetha wrote:
 Excellent horse.
14. debray wrote:
 So gorgeous!!
15. DE2443 wrote:
 I love this picture! :)
16. mrozowski wrote:
 Striking in colors, composition and subject. Would fit in my living room nicely!
17. mum23 wrote:
 Very striking! I love the power and grace.
18. skynyrd wrote:
19. lynnspotter wrote:
 zum, you won the challenge!
20. katy8 wrote:
 ÙŠØ§ تنين يا جامد
21. zum117 wrote:
 Ø§Ù†Øª اللى قمر يا اوزى ورسوماتك كده رهيبه
22. debray wrote:
 Striking beauty...great detail!!
23. maloo wrote:
 You liked my little Shama. I LOVE your horse!!!!!!! I can feel the power of him and the wind in my hair... so nice!
24. nona6 wrote:
 Ø¹Ù…تو انتي دخل دلوقتي
25. Tsumeta wrote:
 absolutely love how strong this piece is!
26. Shanley wrote:
27. Nano12 wrote:
 Ø§Ù„Ùˆ يا عمتو انا اكليس عملت الحساب ده جديد
28. Nano12 wrote:
 wonderful art

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