Title: Dancing with Count Dracula...
created on 25 Oct 10

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. Lizzi wrote:
 Scary dude!! Cheek to cheek? Excellent picture!
2. stevedover1965 wrote:
 He's all mouth and no trousers, lol sorry couldn't resist such an awful pun, really is a very good picture if a little bloody - well done.
3. mdawrcn wrote:
4. skynyrd wrote:
 A daper looking Drac.
5. Login wrote:
 I think I'll sit this one out.
6. lilalee wrote:
 Yowzer!! He is scary to the fullest!! ♥♥
7. danila wrote:
8. polenta wrote:
 great dracula
9. indigo wrote:
 LOL!! Good one, love it!
10. debray wrote:
 This IS actually frightening! I don't get scared easily...
11. five wrote:
 bloody :)
12. suzze wrote:
 Great art!
13. karbs wrote:
14. mimilove68 wrote: