Title: tree of life
created on 16 Oct 10

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1. hanging wrote:
 Love the roots. Can watch this for a long time...
2. bluemoon wrote:
3. polenta wrote:
 different... and look at this fantastic and imaginative moon!
4. debray wrote:
 Very creative...
5. Lizzi wrote:
 Beautiful tree...I have been looking at your gallery. "Avatar" pictures are fantastic...Saw it twice and would like to see it on Imax.
6. Radrook wrote:
 Overall emotion conveyed to me is of fearfulness of approaching or impending doom or chastizement. Biblically trees represent people and astronomical bodies higher authorities.
7. Radrook wrote:
 If indeed a tree of life then the life it conveys is not a tranquil or benevolent one. Did you aim for this effect?

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