Title: The Longaberger Basket Company Building.
created on 06 Aug 10

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1. Mumof2 wrote:
 Look it up! It's real!!
2. DilCoura wrote:
 Real e legal! gostei.
3. Mumof2 wrote:
4. lilalee wrote:
 Yes, it is my state of Ohio, and it is real!!
5. Babyangel2000 wrote:
 i looked up, and u depicted it perfectly!
6. Mumof2 wrote:
uildings-of-the-world/ It is number 5 in the list.
7. katpedro wrote:
 Well done.
8. mdawrcn wrote:
 Good idea!
9. indigo wrote:
 Excellent depiction! Welcome to Think Draw Mumof2!
10. suzze wrote:
 Well done!
11. Mumof2 wrote:
 Thank you my dears, for your comments. I have a question though. Why is my picture missing from the Buildings Showcase? It used to be there.
12. Qsilv wrote:
 Brilliant piece-- welcome aboard! Your forum question got ME to look, and then dash off a note myself to Rachel just in case you hadn't wound up using Feedback. Give her a day or two, but Rachel's quite good about that.
13. marg wrote:
 hi, Mumof2, wot a lovely pic ! ..BTW, if you find out why your pic isn't in the Showcase, perhaps you can let me know why mine was removed, as well ! (I think Rachel must be on holiday)
14. Mumof2 wrote:
 You are all so sweet to comment on my little picture. Thank you. And when I do find out why my picture went missing, I will let you all know.
15. mum23 wrote:
 What an amazing building! Nice picture of it, too! Welcome to TD - have fun!

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