Title: Taj Mahal
created on 30 Jul 10

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Comments on this picture (23):
1. Burgandy wrote:
 Beautiful pic, and a great gallery
2. Galadriel wrote:
 This is gorgeous!
3. Lizzi wrote:
 Beautiful work, very well done. I guess the service entrance wouldn't have a reflection, so this is the best view!
4. hanging wrote:
 The colors and distortion of the reflection in the water are so convincing and it makes this Taj Mahal even more beautiful.
5. indigo wrote:
6. Qsilv wrote:
 This is absolutely a joy to look loooonnnng at. I'm drawn so to that dark entrance in the reflection that I've tried covering it (and other bits) with a fingertip, but even then the whole remains captivating.
7. polenta wrote:
 yes, the reflection is very special, very original. Congrats
8. Mumof2 wrote:
 You have done well yet again!
9. Normal wrote:
 Oooh! A beautiful building.
10. gimzer wrote:
11. MusicJo wrote:
 This is like a beautiful batik on silk.
12. Ilikecolor wrote:
 So wonderfully done.
13. Login wrote:
 A lovely watery feel and the Taj Mahal is excellent.
14. mdawrcn wrote:
 Oh Yeah! Very nice.
15. chelydra wrote:
 dreamy & spacious
16. bhughes wrote:
 Beautiful work
17. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Lovely Taj Mahal picture in beads
18. lipstick8610 wrote:
 thats brill!!
19. Shanley wrote:
 perfect Taj!
20. Babyangel2000 wrote:
 wow amazing!
21. arasi_srirangam wrote:
22. KJLavigne wrote:
23. Renee355 wrote:
 Breathtaking!! Happy Birthday. 08/11/11

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