Title: Can i have a Straw, Please?
created on 15 Jul 10

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1. Login wrote:
 Are you sure you want to drink that, gimzer?
2. pinkie wrote:
 Realistic looking!
3. mdawrcn wrote:
 Good job!
4. nasonaso wrote:
 very nice
5. indigo wrote:
 Cool bottle, I agree with pinkie! Personally, I stay away from the stuff... ;]
6. mekeys wrote:
 Great looking bottle..Looks like a bottle of HOT sauce tho..
7. danila wrote:
 agree with Mekeys, but I don't know what is Straw...well done!!!
8. LivelyUp wrote:
9. Shanley wrote:
 that's the finest bottle i've seen lately. nice work!
10. suzytron wrote:
 no time to waste on a straw! Great bottle!!!!
11. mum23 wrote:
 I don't know what's inside it, but that's a fantastic bottle!
12. gimzer wrote:
 This is a straw: http://www.clima.net.cn/File
s/dengcong/Detergent/straws.jpg T
his is Tabasco Hot Sauces: http://www.google.com/imgre
13. gimzer wrote:
 I ♥love♥ hot sauces
14. gimzer wrote:
g_straw http://www.tabasco.com/main.cfm OOPS TRY IT AGAIN
15. skynyrd wrote:
 Very nice.
16. clorophilla wrote:
 mmmhm! I like it a lot!
17. polenta wrote:
18. danila wrote:
 well I love tabasco!!!
19. gimzer wrote:
 I'll get a straw for you too!
20. Normal wrote:
 Better you than I, my friend. You may have my share!
21. Doug wrote:
 I'd love a straw. Nice bottle, very realistic.
22. Lizzi wrote:
 Cool drink, great bottle. It's only the red lid that makes them think of hot sauce. It looks like Orangina.
23. gimzer wrote:
 No, it's hot sauce, and nom nom nom.
24. pollyesther wrote:
 k. i'll trade you my straw for your bottle of tabasco sauce. Instantly recognised it, very nice job!