Title: Eye Of the Beholder!!
created on 02 Jul 10

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1. TalkingCookie wrote:
 im sorry its not as good as the others ive seen but i wanted to try it and it came out pretty good!
2. mdawrcn wrote:
 I agree. It is good.
3. TalkingCookie wrote:
 thank you Mdawrcn !! :)
4. Qsilv wrote:
 nod... has lots of the right elements, and your control over positioning them is growing. Interesting replay.
5. TalkingCookie wrote:
 thank you so much! glad you liked the Replay
6. Burgandy wrote:
 This is beautiful - and with the perfect title. I love what I see in your gallery - You are talented!
7. TalkingCookie wrote:
 thank you sooo much Burgandy and coming from a talented artist like you that means alot!! and thanks to everyone who looks at all my pics i know they arent the best!! :)
8. Platytude wrote:
 Wonderful title for the picture! And wonderful picture! BTW- i think your pics are awesome!
9. TalkingCookie wrote:
 thx Platytude!!

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