Title: World Cup 2010
created on 24 Jun 10

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Comments on this picture (15):
1. GingerNinja wrote:
 This was a tricky one, but i did it! FIFA! WHOOOT! hahaha :)
2. suzze wrote:
 Good job, very clever
3. mum23 wrote:
 Excellent job!! Great result!
4. polenta wrote:
 super clever!!!
5. golehto wrote:
 nice work ,, & hard work :) good job :)
6. GingerNinja wrote:
 Thanks everyone!
7. TalkingCookie wrote:
 this is soo good you made mine look bad :( haha :)
8. ShannonLee wrote:
 I love your art work! It is soo awesome!! :D
9. GingerNinja wrote:
 Cookie, don't be such a downer! Shannon, thanks i like your art work too! :)
10. GingerNinja wrote:
 ATTENTION: My next picture will be coming out on July 1st! I am doing this so i can be in the running for the next Top-5! It is also the first 'Guess Who?' picture! See ya! ~Ginger :)
11. indigo wrote:
 Well done!!
12. GingerNinja wrote:
 Thanks :)
13. Shanley wrote:
 very cool
14. smurfette wrote:
 amazimggggggg (: I LOVE FIFA
15. GingerNinja wrote:
 thanks, kk :)