created on 18 Jun 10

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1. nasonaso wrote:
 very good work,,,,cute panda
2. Login wrote:
 I can't imagine how these caged creatures feel. Do we cage them for our pleasure or are we really trying to save the species?
3. LivelyUp wrote:
 ...the orange background looks like an oil painting...
4. suzytron wrote:
 what a sweet bear!
5. polenta wrote:
6. arty wrote:
 I agree with Login. They always look so sad.
7. indigo wrote:
 Nicely done...lovely pic!
8. pinkie wrote:
 Endearing picture.
9. Riku wrote:
 aww, poor thing, I miss my home too.
10. artdillon wrote:
 looks like rooney
11. chiefem10 wrote:
 OMG ITS BEAUTIFUL! MARVELOUS! FANTASTIC! WONDERFUL! STUNNING! ENCHANTING! LOVELY! AMAZING! AWESOME! GREAT! SWEET! ENDEARING! CUTE! WOWZA! these are just a few of the words that describe how this pic looks. Bravo, I really do love it, I absolutely adore pa
12. chiefem10 wrote:
 oops too long my above comment: "I absolutely adore pandas" was the last part :P
13. Lizzi wrote:
 Hard act to follow. I was trying to do a panda a few days ago but I'm not there yet. Nice one.
14. hjjr wrote:
 lovely pic. . . so sad to be in zoo
15. chiefem10 wrote:
 cool now look at my new pic, "CHIEFEM10 IS DEAD?! A message to TD (>)" its important that u see it.
16. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
 Fantastic pic n job
17. jiedhxcj wrote:
18. kmkagle wrote:
 This is sooooo precious!
19. Login wrote:
 These poor creatures always look homesick to me ... there aren't many of their kind around. Congratulation on Top 5, sivamathi.
20. hjjr wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5.
21. nasonaso wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5
22. mum23 wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5 for this lovely, poignant pic!
23. sivamathi wrote:
24. bhughes wrote:
 Congrats from me too!! :D
25. five wrote:
26. pollyesther wrote:
 Congrats!! love the colors, beautiful work
27. mdawrcn wrote:
 congrats on Top 5!
28. kyung wrote:
29. sthompson wrote:
 hey i like this one and keep up the good work
30. alyse wrote:
 that's really good

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