created on 16 Jun 10

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1. methinks wrote:
2. Jessyrox wrote:
3. LivelyUp wrote:
 Great minds think alike! ...I was trying to draw this last night and gave up when my Africa wouldn't shape up right! You did a nice job. i like the red counter top.
4. golehto wrote:
 nice :)
5. polenta wrote:
 so, so, so clever and nice too. Sorry I haven't got any favorites, it deserves one.
6. artdillon wrote:
 milk and one sugar please,well done.
7. Login wrote:
 It's a beauty ... a great cup and the handle and silver spoon are excellent.
8. mum23 wrote:
 The thought had crossed my mind too! Great job!
9. pinkie wrote:
 Good idea!
10. indigo wrote:
 Nicely done! Is that green tea?
11. Dragon wrote:
 hehehe, this is wonderful.
12. skynyrd wrote:
13. suzytron wrote:
14. nasonaso wrote:
15. Normal wrote:
 Ah! A game even I can understand.
16. gimzer wrote:
 Cool concept
17. solange62 wrote:
 Interesting idea, I would like having one...
18. kmkagle wrote:
 Amen! Cute pic! Love your humor.
19. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
20. mdawrcn wrote:
 ditto normal.
21. Shanley wrote:
 very cool, great map!
22. danila wrote:
23. clorophilla wrote:
 very clever!
24. GingerNinja wrote:
25. Neil wrote: