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1. sheftali52 wrote:
 Is this a spark or flame?
2. lynnspotter wrote:
 Hey Tater!
3. chelydra wrote:
 Finally a picture! Welcome aboard!
4. katpedro wrote:
 Is this a light in the tunnel. How r you my dear. Missed u and so happy just to see this lovely pic.
5. brigsis wrote:
 You've drawn something! I hope your OK. I reallly loved your old pics. please draw some more. -Brigsis
6. Chinky wrote:
 I like the hint of daisy at the bottom corner :]
7. ThinkThenDrawIt wrote:
 OH. I think its a yellow potato. :)
8. missfofo wrote:
 nothing new
9. Luka wrote:
 people it's not a hint.
10. missfofo wrote:
 you are right lu-chan
11. chiefem10 wrote:
 why is everyone saying they like this?? it's two things smacked on to the canvas!!! I work hard on my pics and I barely get any comments!! no offense but I know mine are better than this :(
12. FacebookObsessed wrote:
 Their probably a younger drawer. That's kinda mean.
13. acmaster wrote:
 You mean me? I am 10! oh, and puput is also me, just that I forgot my password and email!
14. familyguy wrote:
 I love the minimalist approach!

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