Title: Tenby, Wales
created on 23 Apr 10

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1. polenta wrote:
 Nice, are you from there?
2. debray wrote:
 No, Live in the US...My Uncle is from Wales...I just happened to be looking at a calendar that he gave me...
3. Shanley wrote:
 nice scene, love those little houses!
4. gocards wrote:
 nice details
5. marky wrote:
 agree with all the above very nice debray, lol.
6. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Lovely scene deb, I like the bridge spanning the water.
7. pinkie wrote:
 Nice picture...well done.
8. danila wrote:
 Great scene
10. golehto wrote:
  beautiful work ,, excellent details , :)
11. marky wrote:
 ha ha, think your prob right about that hat, the peak went terribly wrong. But i'm no expert of coarse! Only replying on my phone debray. To updates. Renovating big time here at home, house 1930s never ends but i'm under pressure to get 3rooms and hall fi
12. Ilikecolor wrote:
 So charming!
13. marky wrote:
 no debray not insulted at all, i find the ufo thing interesting also, but havin spent a few yrs in astronomy club. More sceptic about. I think close encounter visitations a more interesting topic. As most of the ufo thing can be explained. I have had 2 tr
14. marky wrote:
 trips to kennedy space centre in florida. And am well up on the technical side of things so, lol.
15. marky wrote:
 ya, good book. Or contact by the late dr carl sagan who set up the s.e.t.i institute search for extra terestial intelligence broadens the mind a bit.
16. marg wrote:
 don't think I've ever been there, but it looks great !
17. marky wrote:
 i read one of steiber's a few yrs back cant remember the title. About him bein abducted from his up state new york home. Was a terrifying read. But was marred when he admitted later that he had concocted the whole story. I saw him interviewed and he had f
18. marky wrote:
 fear in his eyes and was totally believable.
19. marky wrote:
 communion was the title ya. I know he went on to publish a few more, and have heard he was on that radio show a few times. I'll dig up some info about rumour. I can recall a story of him bein arrested a few yrs back after the first communion book. Have yo
20. marky wrote:
 read projectbluebook?
21. marky wrote:
 thats basicaly what its about yea, www.projectbluebook.us these days im more interested in quantum physics heavy stuff, everets theory of the parallell universe etc.
22. susanfiredragon wrote:
 wonderful picture!
23. marky wrote:
 ok debray will give that a try durin wk lol.
24. spam wrote:
 Missed this one Debray it is beautiful
25. Login wrote:
 Tenby is just as colourful as your creation.
26. nichola wrote:
 COOOOOOOOOOOL How do you do that????? I am new to this sight and I hope I can become as good as you{some day!] Love Nichola xxx
27. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 I love Tenby, it has the lovely atmosphere you've captured beautifully in your pic!

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