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Slowly, you will know everything.


Hi Leo - This isn't a place to upload pictures that already exist. You actually make new pictures within this website, using the bits and pieces provided (choice of about ten "palettes" or "themes")... You (or anyone else who shows up and wonders what's going on) can start by clicking on Top 5 or Showcase and look for the > symbol in the lower corner—clicking on that will replay the whole process that someone used to make that particular picture. If it's good you might be amazed to see how it got that way. Good luck. And welcome to you and to anyone else that stumbles in unexpectedly.


And there is a question, I'm going to buy myself a graphics tablet on the road, choose between Wacom and Huion (these models what can u advise?


Hello all, I'm new here. wanna upload some arts)


WHAT happened to my wonderful explanation? I hate computers! Glasnya, Click on "DRAW" , click on a theme, drag a piece into the centre and click "submit". You will have a picture in your own gallery where we can talk to you more easily.