Title: This Saree is for you !
created on 26 Mar 10

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1. indigo wrote:
 Oh, thank you! :) Lovely colors! Have a nice evening surekha.
2. surekha wrote:
 Thank you indigo.
3. Hazer wrote:
 Hi surekha! I'm a bit late but welcome to TD! Pretty saree..thanks!
4. lilalee wrote:
5. polenta wrote:
 wow, a perfect combination!!!
6. Normal wrote:
 So many lovely choices!
7. spam wrote:
 Surekha you have a wardrobe full of the most beautiful sari's hard choice each day which to wear.
8. katpedro wrote:
 For me, thanks/.
9. Sarahad524 wrote:
10. shosho wrote:
 very nice saree!!
11. Shanley wrote:
12. surekha wrote:
 Thank you one and all.
13. malini wrote:
sssssss ssssssssssssssssssss
14. lynnspotter wrote:
 Congrats on Top5!!!
15. Login wrote:
 Congratulations and welcome to Think Draw.
16. surekha wrote:
 Great Surprise ! I thank everybody for this.
17. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats Surekha!
18. urvi wrote:
 I really love it
19. Zoozie wrote:
20. msands wrote:

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