Title: A Wren
created on 01 Mar 10

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Comments on this picture (23):
1. five wrote:
 very cute bird; well done
2. ferretkiss wrote:
 house sparrow.
3. coho wrote:
4. kernowman wrote:
 great pic..
5. mebu27 wrote:
 so sweet. I can almost hear her singing!!
6. Virgil wrote:
 Nice depiction of a wren. I also like your Ants
 Great job kyung
8. danila wrote:
 so sweet...
9. pollyesther wrote:
 Enchanting! very lifelike
10. Shanley wrote:
11. shosho wrote:
 very cute!!
12. kyung wrote:
 I changed the title. Thanks to Virgil! Building up vocabulary through TD :O)
13. franca wrote:
 Sweet and cute!!!!!
14. NADIA wrote:
 Oh,what a cutie.Gorgeous pic,as always!!
15. ruthpark99 wrote:
 SOOO cute!
16. Login wrote:
 My favourite bird. It's small and shy but has a big voice ... delightful
17. young wrote:
 spring singing wonderful singing
18. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5, kyung.
19. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats Kyung!
20. malini wrote:
 congrats Kyung.
21. mama wrote:
 hes really cute
22. theoceanspeaks wrote:
 That looks amazing!
23. loudclaw wrote:
 fruitfull results!