created on 11 Jan 10

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Comments on this picture (46):
1. franca wrote:
 WOW, wonderful especially the sky. Great job....
2. lilalee wrote:
3. gocards wrote:
 Very pretty!!
4. Jazzlet wrote:
 Very nice! I especially like the sky.
5. mekeys wrote:
 Very nice.I like the whole picture..
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is really lovely--the ship is exquisite and the sky very appealing.
7. Arw65 wrote:
 this is beautiful polly!
8. five wrote:
 lovely, as usual
9. matthew wrote:
 I am totally awestruck... Polly this is one great pic...
10. coho wrote:
 Wish i was there now!
11. musicsuzy wrote:
 stunning! Love the use of light....
12. shosho wrote:
 very high sense!!wounderful!!
13. clorophilla wrote:
 I love, love, love it!
14. paulie wrote:
 absolutely brilliant
15. solange62 wrote:
 Love it, and thks 4 sharing...
16. arty wrote:
 Magical, romantic and beautiful
17. tamara62 wrote:
 nice colours
18. hjjr wrote:
 ditto arty
19. lsuperior wrote:
 smashingly fantastic!!
20. froufrou_fox wrote:
 Awww, thanks for the nice comment pollyesther! I've missed looking at all your great drawings and have a lot catching up to do. This one's brilliant as usual!
21. Login wrote:
 Excellent rigging and wonderful sky.
22. sandncee wrote:
 I think I have a new favorite. Now call me dammit! Your box is full as usual :) <3
23. pollyesther wrote:
  hehe...:} sorry Mom
24. gimzer wrote:
 this is art.
25. matthew wrote:
 Pollyanna found again :)...
26. baconbit wrote:
 Ooh, just discovered this and I'm wild about it!!! Bligh me, she's a beaut!
27. kyung wrote:
 Beautiful sky and a ship by your hand!
28. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats, Polly! You came up with so many wonderful pics this month, but well...you know we're still looking forward for many many more
29. Arw65 wrote:
 Congrats polly this is an amazing picture!!
30. kyung wrote:
 Congrats pollyesther!
31. belladonnis wrote:
 Congrats and Cheers to another one of TD's greatest!
32. Hazer wrote:
 Congrats Polly! Wonderful pic!
33. lsuperior wrote:
 Shanley's comment is my sentiment as well! CONGRATS ON TOP 5
34. danila wrote:
35. yufie wrote:
 adventurous girl :>
36. hjjr wrote:
 Congratulations, Pollyesther, on this beauty!
37. Login wrote:
 Congratulations, polly ... you're on a roll.
38. beckyboo wrote:
 oh my goodness ur awsum at drawing i suck!!!
39. nancylee wrote:
 What an amazing array - this one and many others I had not seen.
40. candygirl11 wrote:
 That picture looks like if you just got out of a big storm! THAT IS AMAZING!
41. jaxx wrote:
42. breetante wrote:
 nice pic its really artistic
43. Ziamak wrote:
 Cool !
44. nicki wrote:
 ap tahos!!!!!!!!?
45. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Just saying hello and hoping all is well!
46. AFSOUTH wrote:
  Just going thru my 103 page's of Favorite's. What a treat!