Title: Ey'wa- tree of mother- avatar movie
created on 04 Jan 10

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1. mrozowski wrote:
 Haven't seen the movie, but this is a beautiful weeping willow tree.
2. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is lovely!!!
3. musicsuzy wrote:
 I have seen it and this catches the moment...very pretty!
4. matthias wrote:
 you guys got to see the movie... It has a great story line and the imagination behind the film is unbelievable. It is an experience to be able to see this film.
5. marg wrote:
 haven't seen it yet - but this beaut picture makes we want to !
6. arty wrote:
 Baby sitting my grnadkids today so their parents can go and see this movie. Had no idea what it's all about, but this pic makes it look great.
7. lilmiss wrote:
8. gocards wrote:
 Great picture
9. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Just saw the movie yesterday and you have captured the tree wonderfully.
10. hjjr wrote:
 magical, matthias!
11. shosho wrote:
 really very beautiful!!!
12. Normal wrote:
 Gosh, this is wonderful! Maybe I'll go to the film after all - just NOT the 3-D version.
13. Zristin wrote:
 The roots of the tree are beautiful! I don't know how you managed to make them look so knarled.
14. lalitha wrote:
 nice movie and nice pic very very nicely drawn
15. puzzler wrote:
 Pretty tree! Does Baldur know that you've been stealing his glass beads?
16. lalitha wrote:
 ur theme of drawing and ur drawing have one thing common "avatar"
17. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful tree....anxious to see the movie...
18. gimzer wrote:
 Beautiful in its simplicity!
19. Login wrote:
 This is one of TD's most fantastic trees.
20. marius wrote:
21. indigo wrote:
 Finally saw the movie and agree with Heidi!
22. pollyesther wrote:
 Wow! agree with login.
23. debray wrote:
 What a beauty!!
24. makimakifish wrote:
 very pretty, Avatar in avatars.

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