Title: Man's Best Friend
created on 12 Nov 09

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Comments on this picture (10):
1. coho wrote:
 Looks like my Lassy. Very Nice!
2. NADIA wrote:
 Cute,I would love to cuddle him!Great pic!
3. gocards wrote:
 what a sweet face!
4. franca wrote:
 Great!!! I love dogs, I have 4 wolf in my house (in the garden)
5. marthacc wrote:
 I think it is soooo cute. I wish I had a dog just like it. Charlotte.
6. matthew wrote:
 Isn't she cute...
7. indigo wrote:
 What a sweet pup!
8. Normal wrote:
 This one really looks friendly!
9. danila wrote:
 dear sweetie...
10. Shanley wrote:
 lovely pic, he looks so sweet!

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