Title: Watching the fashion show...
created on 01 Nov 09

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Comments on this picture (19):
1. matthew wrote:
 Sweet pic...
2. maddyjean08 wrote:
 They are kind of pretty.
3. a4e4ka wrote:
 Never meant to make them pretty,just different - even in the way they seat. To show that fashion, in some way, unite women...
4. nelemariin wrote:
 natuke ilus ja natuke naljakas.
5. a4e4ka wrote:
 I would love to know what is said. Is it Finnish?
6. a4e4ka wrote:
 6 Estonian more likely...
7. katpedro wrote:
 Dem girls look like models.
8. Angela wrote:
 I'm loving these fashion pics!
9. Angela wrote:
 What's with the low votes again?!? I'm seeing this all over.
10. a4e4ka wrote:
 Someone is finding joy in voting others pics down just like you and me are finding joy in people being creative...
11. mebu27 wrote:
 love their legs!!
12. Normal wrote:
 Ill bet they can even afford the fashions!
13. gocards wrote:
 Great ideas!
14. bltea wrote:
  smile and laught! Thaks
15. Hazer wrote:
 Well done!
16. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Those ear legs are just PERFECCT! I love the different positions, just by using right and left ears! You're a genious!
17. NADIA wrote:
 Cute pic!
18. indigo wrote:
 SO cute!!
19. Login wrote:
 The poses are brilliant. The detail in your drawings never ceases to amaze me.

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