Title: vampire
created on 24 Oct 09

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Comments on this picture (28):
1. indigo wrote:
 Very COOL in Gothic!
2. gocards wrote:
 Thanks, Gothic is new to me.
3. indigo wrote:
 Well you're off to a fine start! You're very good.
4. thuthuong wrote:
 Scary image, good job
5. matthias wrote:
 very good expression in the face, very real!
6. polenta wrote:
 What a personality!!! Excellent!!!
7. polenta wrote:
 This deserved a favorite but I haven't got any more. Consider it my favorite.
8. mebu27 wrote:
 really cool - the eye is great
9. matthew wrote:
 Great use of space...
10. sheftali52 wrote:
 whew--this is very scary--well done!!
11. DMarcella wrote:
 Wow this is great.
12. Arw65 wrote:
 ooh this is awesome
13. Login wrote:
 There's something very evil about him. Expertly done, gocards.
14. elpaul wrote:
 Good vampire!!
15. autumn wrote:
 I love this! all of your work is very impressive.
16. DIAMANTE wrote:
 Excellent and difficult to do.
17. Chinky wrote:
18. mrozowski wrote:
 Gulp. I'm going under the covers now.
19. Shanley wrote:
 Nice, nice, nice!
20. Luna wrote:
 Well done!
21. NADIA wrote:
 This is an excellent image,great work gocards!
22. mouse wrote:
 WOW !!!!! This is so well done. You did such a good job with the expression, especially the eye
23. belladonnis wrote:
 Ive been away for awhile, this is so very good!!!!!
24. maddyjean08 wrote:
 This is scary! You should try doing a Saw like this. Or a Jigsaw. Whatever you might know.
25. kyung wrote:
 Great art work! Very scary eye...
 ....I'm kind of speechless. That picture is awesome...:)
27. ArtisZen wrote:
 wow! just saw more of you dig-etchings -- and for what it's worth I say you''re good -very good!
28. actressaspyn wrote:
 love it!