Title: Fruit Fractal
created on 16 Oct 09

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1. interstellaroverdraw wrote:
 Started randomly drawing my first picture with fruit, ended up with this strange pattern hmmm...
2. matthew wrote:
 Holy crud... Nobody has such clean lines on their 1st pic... This is very good... Welcome to Think Draw...
3. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Very unique, nice balance.
4. DMarcella wrote:
 I agree with Matthew.
5. bassmah wrote:
 very nice 1pic...
6. lilalee wrote:
 This is special for your first drawing!! Do more, and have fun!!
7. Hazer wrote:
 All of the above and welcome! I'm interested to see what you come up with next!
8. Hazer wrote:
 Neat playback too!
9. DIAMANTE wrote:
10. artsyx1 wrote:
 Nice! This is so cool! Welcome!
11. NADIA wrote:
 This is gorgeous,love it!Welcome to TD!
12. a4e4ka wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5! Welcome to TD!
13. lynnspotter wrote:
 Congrats!!!! I had not seen this- glad it made top 5!!
14. pollyesther wrote:
 love it! gratz on top 5, i hope you draw more.
15. matthew wrote:
 Uber congratulations...
16. hjjr wrote:
 fun and well done -- congrats!
17. Normal wrote:
 I had not seen this either -great that you made Top 5! Have fun on TD!
18. GuessTheArtistGame wrote:
 Where did you go?

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