Title: Will you.. hold my hand.. ?
created on 07 Oct 09

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Comments on this picture (28):
1. Chinky wrote:
 Oh wow.
2. polenta wrote:
 super nice!!!
3. buckeye wrote:
 Beautiful! I love this
4. indigo wrote:
 WOW! Yufie this is amazing! Good job!
5. katpedro wrote:
 Very nice Ufie. Touching
6. Angela wrote:
7. yufie wrote:
 praticing w Ava :) And thank Angela the only one want to hold my hand :( lol jk.
8. Shanley wrote:
 well done. that character looks like it's really reaching out for someone
9. ShuS wrote:
 Absolutely definitely YES!!
10. sheftali52 wrote:
11. kyung wrote:
 wonderful drawing!
12. arty wrote:
 What a great drawing
13. NADIA wrote:
 Excellent drawing!
14. Login wrote:
 How could I resist when you reach out like this?
15. matthew wrote:
 That is a superb hand...
16. marg wrote:
 simply brilliant, yufie .. what enormous talent you have !
17. mrozowski wrote:
 The hand is superb, Yufie.
18. marius wrote:
 WOW! (all other words have left the brain.) WOW!!!
19. yufie wrote:
 All your kindness will remind me that however, in here I always have friends and hands to hold :) And of course so are u guys :X:X
20. Nylecoj wrote:
 WOW! I love the contrast between the hand and the black back ground, this is amazing!
21. buzz wrote:
22. ShuS wrote:
 So, are u happy now? =)) You're in TOp5!!
23. pollyesther wrote:
 Congratulations on top 5! =)
24. matthew wrote:
 Congratulations Yufie... Wonderful top 5 pic...
25. kyung wrote:
26. yufie wrote:
 Thanks for your praise, all of you are my fav too :X nice day every1.
27. hjjr wrote:
 Two Top 5 pics. . . Congratulations, yufie, you do beautiful work!!!
28. honeybgirl wrote:
 I think what I like about your work most is that it conveys so much emotion. Well Done!

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