Title: Chief Joseph
created on 26 Sep 09

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Comments on this picture (29):
1. polenta wrote:
 Super, super , super it reminds me of the excellent kmkagle pics.
2. gwinnyb wrote:
 "My heart is sick and sad.From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever"
3. matthew wrote:
 Well done Gwinny...
4. Login wrote:
 Great start to Mugdots Challenge 34. A sad story about a great man.
5. mouse wrote:
 Simply amazing
6. pollyesther wrote:
 wow! love the face and all the details.
7. DIAMANTE wrote:
 Very good work. I love it.
8. Peasy wrote:
 Superb avitar! Top 5 stuff gwinnyb!! Great job. :)
9. Peasy wrote:
 What's with the 1 votes today?
10. indigo wrote:
11. gocards wrote:
 love the detail
12. coho wrote:
 Chief Joseph is one of my heros. Great picture!
13. gwinnyb wrote:
 mine too.. a very great man. the picture is not very well done, but originated from respect.
14. mrozowski wrote:
 Valiant effort to capture a true American.
15. Doug wrote:
 Love the expression in the face!
16. marg wrote:
 this is just awesome .. and in avatars.. he's wonderful and I don't know how you could come up with a way of doing him !
17. Luna wrote:
18. Sakari wrote:
 Great pic.
19. kyung wrote:
20. matthew wrote:
 Congratulations on another well deserved top 5 pic...
21. Arw65 wrote:
 great! congrats on top 5 gwinnyb! its got such character!
22. gwinnyb wrote:
 he was old, tired, worn, and wrinkled. with the strain of trying to save a nation against all odds thruout his life. I tried to show this
23. pollyesther wrote:
 gratz on top five!
24. kyung wrote:
 I can see all those signs of his hard life, gwinnyb! Congrats again on top 5!
25. solange62 wrote:
 Gratz on another great pic!
26. marg wrote:
 congratulations again, gwinny - this is a great picture !
27. Login wrote:
 Congratulations, gwinny. Another great picture and well desrving of its place in Top5.
28. lizmeister wrote:
 Wonderful face. Nice job!
29. clorophilla wrote:
 Your gallery is awesome! I never met your pics, coming to TD after your last pic here... since today! This pic echoes for me, having drawn nine native chiefs recently...