Title: .Paint your LIFE some COLOR.
created on 21 Sep 09

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. DMarcella wrote:
 Wow, this is nice and clearly shows finger painting.
2. DMarcella wrote:
 I love the message too.
3. kyung wrote:
 Ditto DMarcella!
4. gocards wrote:
 neat picture!
5. sillyperson6556 wrote:
 Its absolutly wonderful!
6. indigo wrote:
 VERY good, just look at her left hand! It's all GOOD!
7. Login wrote:
 Amazing imagination.
8. Peasy wrote:
 Wonderful perspective. Super originallity! You the bomb, girl!! :)
9. sheftali52 wrote:
 Love it!
10. yufie wrote:
 Ive just spent some unwell troubles.But I think thank to TD, my passion and my great time's back :) maybe its not draw, its friends. Love u all.
11. Qsilv wrote:
 (smiling) love the bits of life-colors splashed on face. Your work is wonderful!
12. pollyesther wrote:
 WOW! excellent!
13. ShuS wrote:
 It brings to me a new fresh air! Nice pic. :D
14. Trixie wrote:

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