Title: with a taste of poison paradise
created on 17 Sep 09

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Comments on this picture (21):
1. ShuS wrote:
 Nice! Love the way you make her hand :X
2. ShuS wrote:
 And the ear-ring too!
3. indigo wrote:
 Nice! At first glance it made me think of Marilyn Monroe...or some actress in a movie or video...can't put my finger on it, but looks familiar.
4. katpedro wrote:
 So Beautiful.
5. yufie wrote:
 It's Toxic - Britney Spears :) thanks so much :X
6. indigo wrote:
 That's it! Britney Spears...I knew it looked familiar ;]
7. yufie wrote:
 Yah. Brit doesn't have many particular trait to recognize. and wow you replied very quick lol
8. indigo wrote:
 Come to think of it, I should have gotten a clue from your title.....;]
9. polenta wrote:
 very pretty picture yufie
10. sheftali52 wrote:
 Your pics are magical!
11. arty wrote:
 So amazingly done
12. marius wrote:
 Very nice!
13. kyung wrote:
 See, yufie, you are excellent at animals too. Super artist!!
14. lcmueller wrote:
15. Arw65 wrote:
 Wow! all of your Work is stunning! really great job on this!
16. yufie wrote:
 Thanks so much my kind hearted commentators :*
17. horses wrote:
 You are one terrific artist!
18. DIAMANTE wrote:
 You are a special artist.
19. bellegrl wrote:
20. raydog wrote:
 I think this is "Especially" good
21. singingdancingHannah wrote:
 I love your picture It's so cool!

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