Title: Grief
created on 06 Sep 09

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Comments on this picture (28):
1. belladonnis wrote:
 Very moving! Love it!
2. Luna wrote:
 For Mugdots xxxi challenge Emotions
3. polenta wrote:
 what could be happening to her?
4. Luna wrote:
 She's sitting on the ground by a fresh grave.
5. Peasy wrote:
 Beautiful, as always, Luna. The rose in her hand is especially nice too. Your gift amazes me.
6. coho wrote:
7. katpedro wrote:
 Love it, nice. but touching.
8. Doug wrote:
 You know me I'd be a big fan of graveyards!!! Nice pic.
9. Login wrote:
 Very moving, Luna.
10. marg wrote:
 hey, when did this one sneak in ?... I missed it.. but maybe just as well, as now I have your explanation. I thought it was an older grave - and the rose was the remains of a glass of red wine - and the circle at her feet , her hat..
11. Luna wrote:
 Thanks marg..I like you interpretation too. Interesting thing about art; usually we don't know the artist's intent.
12. autumn wrote:
 detail on this is amazing...love the trees in the background, looks like the cemetary I live next to in the autumn, beautiful as always Luna.
13. matthew wrote:
 Luna, Beautiful...
14. marius wrote:
 I'm slow getting around the gallery - but glad I found this. quite lovely!
15. kyung wrote:
 My heart's aching to see her hand holding a rose!
16. pollyesther wrote:
 wow! beautiful and very moving
17. Arw65 wrote:
 beautiful. congrats on top 5 luna, its a great picture
18. matthew wrote:
 Congratulations on a well deserved top 5 pic Luna...
19. gwinnyb wrote:
 I'm sorry I missed this it tears my heart, how dramatic and touching.. so very eloquent
20. pollyesther wrote:
 gratz on top 5 Luna! a beautiful piece
21. kyung wrote:
 Congratulations on top 5! Happy to this piece on top 5 because it's my top favorite.
22. Peasy wrote:
 Still amazed!! Glad to see you in Top5 again! You soooo deserve it!
23. solange62 wrote:
 Congratulations Luna! It's so deserved!
24. marg wrote:
 congratulations, Luna.. and hopefully your work will ease off enough for some more pictures soon.. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms !
25. Login wrote:
 A well deserved Top5 place, Luna. It's good to see you on TD again ... 'hope we see more of you in October.
26. hipchick2sexy wrote:
 Beautiful and very affective
27. emilyruth wrote:
 so sad
28. debray wrote:
 Been there,unfortunately......Dramaticall
y touching!