Title: Lion King.
created on 28 Aug 09

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Comments on this picture (16):
1. lilalee wrote:
 You should re-edit and give yourself a 5!! This is so different and fantastic!! I love it!!
2. DMarcella wrote:
 This is good, 5 stars from me too.
3. indigo wrote:
4. potatoesoftheworld wrote:
 Its simba!!!!!
5. autumn wrote:
 amazing!! welcome to think draw you've got the knack for it!
6. inked_gemini wrote:
 Oh my...I agree with lilalee. Give yourself a deserving 5. Just wonderful.
7. matthew wrote:
 This is wonderful... Welcome to Think Draw...
8. Login wrote:
 Oh, the majesty of him.
9. Kateryn wrote:
10. Doug wrote:
 Welcome to TD. Add some info in your profile will ya! A master artist appears out of thin air!
11. karbs wrote:
12. marg wrote:
 love the look on his face !
13. DIAMANTE wrote:
 So nice.
14. kyung wrote:
 This is so wonderfully drawn that I feel the great king is moving!!
15. Lionlover129 wrote:
 best movie ever!! love it!!
16. leenu10 wrote:
 I think its not Simba.I think its Mufasa.

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