Title: Rice terrace in Sapa
created on 21 Aug 09

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Comments on this picture (12):
1. Normal wrote:
 Amazing to catch the natural world this well in candy!
2. indigo wrote:
 I agree with Normal, you're very good! :)
3. relena wrote:
 Amazing!!!! looks sooo real!!!
4. faithfool wrote:
 Pretty as a picture!
5. Dragon wrote:
 Beautiful, also reminds me of Machu Picu. (I probably spelled that wrong)
6. cutegrl289 wrote:
 this is great!
7. Login wrote:
 This is so real ... I have seen similar scenes around Katmandu. Beautiful.
8. solange62 wrote:
 Thanks, this's my 2nd attempt to draw rice terrace (first one was very childish LOL)
9. marius wrote:
 Very pretty! Feel like I can step right in and walk around in your pic!
10. gwinnyb wrote:
 I love the terracing in your part of the world. so much work but so very practical. this picture is lovely and peaceful
11. solange62 wrote:
 Thanks for all your nice comments. Pics are not yet as beautiful as the landscapes of my country. Have to learn more from all of you.
12. hxxhxx wrote:
 such a nice picture!