Title: Sailing
created on 24 Jul 09

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. katpedro wrote:
 Very colourful.
2. Login wrote:
3. Margaret wrote:
 Beautiful. Love the sky, the reflection, the boat. Very nice.
4. kyung wrote:
 Beautiful colors.. very much impressive!!
5. jshundo wrote:
 wow, I love the silhouette and the sky!
6. marius wrote:
 Very pretty. Love the colors!
7. sheftali52 wrote:
 So lovely!!
8. KStanley wrote:
 This shows so much peacefulness and serenity. I would love to be on a boat sailing off into this sunset.
9. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful! Would be beautiful in my house too!
10. pollyesther wrote:
 all your work is so inspiring, i love the way you use colors.
11. polenta wrote:
 AWESOME.A painting made of difficult candy. Look at how you drew the sun and the water. Supreme use of candy
12. picasso2 wrote:
 Very calming. I can feel the wind and hear the flap of the sails.
13. matthew wrote:
 Beautiful water color...
14. Luna wrote:
 Congratulations on top 5!
15. pebbles wrote:
 yes, top 5!!!!!!!!
16. pollyesther wrote:
 Gratz on top 5! love this
17. marius wrote:
 All of the above! congrats!
18. Peasy wrote:
 Beautiful! Congratulations on all of your top 5 art this month. Were there 7? You are amazing!