Title: revolver [fail]
created on 08 Jul 09

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Comments on this picture (21):
1. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Wow, this is good!
2. autumn wrote:
 very nice job
3. lilalee wrote:
 Yes, it is good, just be careful with it!!
4. Dragon wrote:
 Not a fail at all! Great pic
5. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is VERY good! Great job!
6. jet369 wrote:
 Almost looks like Boothe's revolver.
7. Qsilv wrote:
 Snub-nose, could easily be a S&W mod 60-15. Ok, the trigger guard angle's reversed and the rear sight area's off a bit, but far from a 'fail', I'd say it's quite a hit!
8. Login wrote:
 Now Qsilv has me intrigued (again). Yep! What Qsilv said ...
9. marius wrote:
 It's well-drawn is all I know. : )
10. Login wrote:
 Me too ... if I'm honest.
11. Luna wrote:
 Congratulations on top 5!
12. Arw65 wrote:
 Definitely not Fail! you made top 5! Congratulations!
13. pollyesther wrote:
 excellent! gratz on top 5!
14. kyung wrote:
 Congratz on top 5!
15. inked_gemini wrote:
 Congrats! Great drawing.
16. marius wrote:
 Congrats on top 5!
17. blob wrote:
 Very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. packers wrote:
19. iamgod6666 wrote:
 dame nice pic wat is it a 38 special. you like gungs too.
20. GingerNinja wrote:
 I was searching to see if anyone had made the Beatles Revolver cover on TD, and I found this. Good job ( I am currently working on the Revolver album cover, myself )
21. TalkingCookie wrote:
 this is NOT a fail this is totally awesome!!! :D

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