created on 12 Oct 08

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1. just94 wrote:
 looks like a snake in a fence w/a pumpkin as a head. where do you come up with this idea? however you did, it looks cool, so 5* from me:)
2. gogogirl976 wrote:
 Cute! Kinda reminds me of a Chinese Dragon!
3. tiki244 wrote:
4. likemee wrote:
 how someone has given you less than 5 for this, i'll never know... it's brilliant!!
5. yuriko189 wrote:
 i like how the insides of the curves are darker and how the body looks a bit scaley. wonderful!
6. qwer wrote:
 Wow, I just gaze in amazement at the beauty of this creature.
7. Teresa wrote:
 All of your work looks very polished - like you plan it, draw and redraw it, before you are satisfied. I am impressed! I like the movement of your colorful snake through its fence maze.
8. hdwildmustang wrote:
 Excellent imaginative fun and impressive
9. sarah9b wrote:
 this is amzing awsome and cool put to gather l love it its a wow. its your best picture yet. its exellent its buttafull. l whant to save it to.
10. Angela wrote:
 Soooo Cute. It's the first time I looked in Halloween.

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