Title: Cleopatra
created on 26 May 09

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. nancylee wrote:
 OOOh Wonderful!
2. indigo wrote:
 I'm speechless!
3. papergirl wrote:
 Wow! Great playback. This is brilliant.
4. polenta wrote:
 great personality!!
5. Nikkie wrote:
6. waterlily wrote:
 Watch out for the asp!
7. lilalee wrote:
8. mebu27 wrote:
 thanks for all the great comments
9. arty wrote:
 Oh this is soooo beautiful
10. Login wrote:
 Ooo-oH! Brilliant drawing.
11. lilalee wrote:
 I keep coming back to this and now see it was voted down. I think this is the most beautiful piece done for Egypt!!
12. lilalee wrote:
 ..Your most beautiful piece!! But, everything about her is so detailed and lovely!!
13. sheftali52 wrote:
14. lilalee wrote:
 I just keep coming back to her!! Her skin tone is soooooo pretty!!
15. mebu27 wrote:
 i'm feeling the effects of being voted down.....
16. raydog wrote:
 It looks more like "American Indian" to me
17. marius wrote:
 Love her outfit, head dress! Very nice!
18. methusalinka wrote:
 have to repete PB over and over still its magic.how can that face come forward from those "feathers" etc.