Title: waterfall
created on 10 May 09

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1. kaylynn wrote:
 Very nice.
2. craftycarol wrote:
 beautiful waterfall.
3. marg wrote:
 oh, this is just magical, gwinny - the feel of the water falling, the red flowers in the foreground, the pool.. just great !
4. kyung wrote:
 Beautiful work! I love these colors- very impressive and strong!
5. Raych wrote:
 wow, beautiful!
6. Login wrote:
 Brilliant! The water is great, the growth on the rocks, The detailed tulips and poppies in the foreground. Delightful.
7. arty wrote:
 Truly a waterfall, wonderful
8. polenta wrote:
 the Garden of Eden. You are a master with these pieces.Using candy this way.Those rigid pieces..... to give this movement!!! Using background this way. A ten!!!
9. polenta wrote:
 thanks for your wish and happy mother's day for you too.
10. kmkagle wrote:
 So beautiful. Restful.
11. indigo wrote:
12. lilalee wrote:
 Beautiful water pic!!
13. mekeys wrote:
 Looks like we are back to voting so i voted a FIVE..
14. Doug wrote:
 nice. Great job with those gummy things. Love the details also.
15. matthew wrote:
 Beautiful... candy falls...
16. Luna wrote:
17. lynnspotter wrote:
 Gorgeous! Very much an 'I wanna go there' pic!!!!
18. gwinnyb wrote:
 I have a 'happy place' and this is very much like it as seen in my minds eye, my feel good room outside.
19. gwinnyb wrote:
 you know I am relly embarrassed to be here, there are so many much more artistic and deserving pictures in the back of the bus
20. five wrote:
21. mostblessedone wrote:
 gwinnyb, this is beautiful. It is amazing to me how you made those candy pieces look so frothy.
22. solosater wrote:
 gwinnyb, I'm just dumbfounded, this is exquisite! *****
23. raydog wrote:
24. KStanley wrote:
 How dare you say that you are not deserving? This is beautiful. That is the problem with this whole voting system. There are hundreds of drawings that go un noticed because of the flaws currently in the system. Your work is a perfect example of what w
25. KStanley wrote:
 + we are missing.
26. KStanley wrote:
 There has been so much focus on negativity through the whole voting ordeal, and maybe I am just one of those annoying optimists, but I hope that system will soon be fized so that all the work that has been being overlooked can be appreciated by more.
27. pollyesther wrote:
 i love everything about this! that water is just awesome
28. eliza wrote:
29. kyung wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5s!!
30. lilalee wrote:
 Congrats to you!!
31. jshundo wrote:
 congrats on top 5!
32. Arw65 wrote:
 this is great, i love the little flowers. congrats on top 5!
33. inked_gemini wrote:
 I first saw this in the "Our own picks for Top 5" thread in the forum, and it blew me away. A well-deserved congratulations.
34. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5, gwinny ... a beautiful scene.
35. gwinnyb wrote:
 I have trouble with this one I was just goofing around, but thanks for your kind comments
36. kaylynn wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5s!!
37. eliza wrote:
 Congratulations on this making Top 5s! I also think your 'Take off your shoes' should have won for flowers.
38. hipchick2sexy wrote:
 Very pretty!!
39. username wrote:
 u have very pretty art work u must be so happy:0
40. Kilo wrote:
41. Trixie wrote:
42. mdawrcn wrote:
 Ditto to all!!!
43. lipstick8610 wrote:
 realistic, colorful, brilliant!! I love it!! :D