Title: The Elusive Green Whale
created on 01 May 09

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Comments on this picture (20):
1. Baldur wrote:
 Do they get moldy with age?
2. lilalee wrote:
 Looking for green food!! Nice!!!
3. Baldur wrote:
 A kriller whale?
4. Baldur wrote:
 I tried drawing a whale's tale once but it was not nearly this good
5. Robindcr8l wrote:
 It's covered with algae and plankton. I love the way you made the water ripple where his tail emerges from the sea. This is a great piece!
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 Very well done! I also like the water ripple!!
7. jimsgal wrote:
 Lovely! I think they do get moldy w/ age. I am starting to mold myself.
8. kmkagle wrote:
 I know, you fed him some "Alligator Pie" didn't you? Cute pic.
9. polenta wrote:
 so elusive because they're almost extinct. LOL Cute, cute pic.
10. LadyO wrote:
 beautifully done ...
11. Login wrote:
 Wow! It's fantastic.
12. Dragon wrote:
 I believe he did eat some Aligator Pie, perhaps there was some in the hole in the bottom of the sea!
13. matthew wrote:
 Is it real? or just a tall tale?
14. Dragon wrote:
 It's a whale of a tale, but it's all true I tell's ya!
15. solosater wrote:
 Perhaps they're part dragon? A Whale/Dragon hybrid. Fire shoots out their blow holes!
16. Dragon wrote:
 Those krill wouldn't stand a chance then ;)
17. mostblessedone wrote:
 Barbecued krill! Nice pic!
18. Angela wrote:
 Yeah! It looks like a happy drawing 2 me.
19. indigo wrote:
 Great Whale Tail...also love the water ripple!
20. kyung wrote:
 Lovely depiction! I feel the tail's shaking with the ripple of water :)