Title: Granny's Quilt 5(every day crazy Quilt )
created on 18 Sep 08

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1. rsl1 wrote:
 This is wonderful! How could you only give yourself 4?
2. Strawdoll wrote:
 Thank You rsl1 ....I don't like to vote for myself , everyone is so talented ,But Thank you for the comment.
3. rsl1 wrote:
 I know what you mean, but you can leave the rating empty ...
4. Strawdoll wrote:
 Oh ok Thanks for telling me
5. hdwildmustang wrote:
 WOW....REALLY Nice! Looks real
6. Strawdoll wrote:
 in reply to hdwildmustang Thank you ...Coming from you I take that to heart
7. hdwildmustang wrote:
 Thank You Strawdoll You Are Sooooo talented...I enjoy all your creative abilities. You have a great imagination!
8. black375 wrote:
 That is so awesome! You really put a lot of thought into that!
9. Teresa wrote:
 Charming and fun. I almost feel like I am in an airplane looking down at a real landscape, with each "quilt square" being a flower farm, an orchard, a park, or ... Nice. I like your quilts.
10. Strawdoll wrote:
 Thank you Black375 .There was no plan to it ...lol...it started off to be something else but just ended up to be another Quilt like My Granny & Papa made ...Memories at times are so sweet.-Teresa -And thank you very much for your kind words .I love the co
11. tiki244 wrote:
 I love your quilt. i would love to have that on my bed.
12. musicalcompound wrote:
 You've managed to rekindle a lost art...via the internet, no less! Kudos.
13. Strawdoll wrote:
 Thank you so much musicalcompound ...Now if I figure away to make device that would allow me to crochet . Another sad part of art thats dying a light speed .
14. Strawdoll wrote:
 tiki244 I'm sorry I overlooked your comment ...your just ssoooo tiny I didn't see you...so sorry...jump up next time so see you... LOL...I love the one my granny & PaPa made, it looks alot like this.
15. Beve wrote:
 Your originality is incredible. You've inspired me to reach higher.
16. Login wrote:
 How did I miss this ... it's excellent!

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