Title: Happy Valentines Day!!
created on 08 Feb 09

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Comments on this picture (11):
1. matthew wrote:
 1st pic on new showcase... but you should see a specialist for that enlarged heart...
2. aasd wrote:
3. DMarla wrote:
 This is great. Matthew you still have a good sense of humor which is so good to see.
4. LaDonna wrote:
 cute Arw65
5. puzzler wrote:
 Unusual and funny!
6. baby wrote:
7. froufrou_fox wrote:
 Great pic!
8. Login wrote:
 How did you get so much detail into that tiny face? It's amazing.
9. Arw65 wrote:
 Thanks everyone for the comments. Reading all the nice things people say is my favorite part of think draw... next to making the pictures of course. :)
10. nancylee wrote:
 So joyous! Wish it were for me!
11. Hello74 wrote: