Title: An unknown galaxy
created on 17 Dec 19

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Comments on this picture (10):
1. Burgandy wrote:
 This is unique and well done! Merry Christmas!
2. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks Burgandy and Merry Christmas to you ..
3. Lizzi wrote:
 Nice to see you, and thanks for the rose. Happiness to you and yours for the holidays and beyond!
4. hjjr wrote:
 peaceful and lovely...
5. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks for the comments..
6. camo wrote:
 very beautiful
7. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks camo..
8. eve777 wrote:
 sweeeet !!!!!
9. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks eve777
10. mekeys wrote:
 Heh this picture is on jigsawdoku.com today..(1-13-20)