Title: Happy Holiday's TD
created on 12 Dec 19

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1. eve777 wrote:
 I hope everyone gets everything they need and wanted. My wish is that everyone is FILLED with Love and Joy
2. eve777 wrote:
 I hope no one goes broke. yet is able to purchase the perfect gifts for all those you love
3. eve777 wrote:
 AND!!! if you want your Holiday to be White, then may it snow like never before!!!
4. eve777 wrote:
 OH and may everyone make it safely to their destinations and with no breakdowns..planes, trains or automobiles. also for all your families!!!
5. eve777 wrote:
 I joined TD about this time last year, and have met some really great people here.. It has been fun and I look forward to another year with you all
6. eve777 wrote:
 Thank you so much for everyone's support sweet and positive comments on my art
7. eve777 wrote:
 I enjoy making them and really enjoy seeing yours. you guys are special people SALT OF THE EARTH
8. AFSOUTH wrote:
  Outstanding & Happy Holidays!

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