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created on 19 Oct 19

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. KliaMia wrote:
 Eve, this is sooo good!
2. indigo wrote:
 I second that! Love it!
3. chelydra wrote:
 This would have won the 2012 Mild Cubism challenge.
4. bugoy1 wrote:
 I like the flowing lines!
5. bwight wrote:
 Love the color!
6. Taterbug wrote:
 Very interesting, I love it
7. chellalynn wrote:
 love it this is gorgeous!!
8. cocorasmustar wrote:
 i love the colour scheme
9. AFSOUTH wrote:
10. priya41 wrote:
 interesting pic, i too love the color scheme
11. Lizzi wrote:
 Space station amusement park...it looks like too much fun to be a mining operation on a planetoid. Love it!
12. evefoster wrote:
 Lizzi , you read my thoughts on it, so i had no idea what to title it! mining town was the only title i could think of...
13. combeja3 wrote:
 You can really tell what the picture is doing and it all goes together well
14. kayalong1 wrote:
 i love this so much