Title: Just Wingin' It
created on 13 Oct 19

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Comments on this picture (11):
1. Burgandy wrote:
 Love Angels - infact, I collect them - including this one!
2. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Angelic & outstanding!
3. Hazer wrote:
 Very nice
4. indigo wrote:
 Made me smile. Very cute angel!
5. KliaMia wrote:
 Thank you all! :)
6. chellalynn wrote:
 awesome gf! really really nice I love it!!….
7. bugoy1 wrote:
8. priya41 wrote:
 Lovely angel!
9. Lizzi wrote:
 In the thumbnail, I thought I was looking at an old man with long white beard- it's much nicer as an angel!
10. Lilred4 wrote:
 Nice Work!
11. mi1234 wrote:
 Amazing drawing!!