Title: Just for play >>>>
created on 08 Sep 19

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Comments on this picture (10):
1. indigo wrote:
 Good playback. Looks like an eye.
2. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks indigo..
3. chelydra wrote:
4. chellalynn wrote:
 love it !!! awesome
5. indigo wrote:
 I haven't been back to Jigsaw Sudoku in a long time. I discovered Crescent Solitaire, Golf Solitaire and also WordWipe. Found them a while back with Washington Post but prefer Gamelab because the game is bigger on the screen. :)
6. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks for the comments..
7. Daydreamer wrote:
 Great sense of depth, here! It looks like the entrance to a tunnel or a cave...or is the astronaut emerging from a black hole??
8. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks Daydreamer..
9. Hazer wrote:
 I really like the perception of depth that you achieved.
10. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks Hazer..